DrumDock Q&A
  1. How do I get off the DrumDock?

  1. For boats (outboard, sterndrive-I/O, inboard) 12' - 30', simply lower your drive unit, shift into reverse and drive-off the dock. The boat winch that comes with the drive-on option may be used as a reversing mechanism by looping the winch belt around the included reversing wheel.

  1. Can I leave it in all year (cold weather sites)?

  1. In cold weather sites (where the water freezes regularly during winter), the dock can be left in all year. When the water freezes, the DrumDock rises up above the ice and rests on top. Protocol for winterizing the DrumDock is simple: 1) move the craft to its dry storage location during the off-season, 2) remove the mooring poles.

  1. How does ice impact the DrumDock?

A. The central issue when it comes to ice and its impact on the DrumDock is water flow. If there is a heavy current or moving water/ice, the key question to ask yourself is, "When the ice thaws out, does it just dissipate back into the water level or are there large blocks of heavy flow ice moving around that would severely damage stationary docks?" If you answer "yes" to the first part of the question, you can leave our dock in all year. If you answer "yes" to the second part of the question, then your next move is as obvious as the ice will tear out and wash away any structure. Use a nylon tow rope to tow the DrumDock out of the water and unto the water bank for safe winter storage. The drums become wheels on land. If your shoreline is suitable, the boat may be left on the dock during the process. Make sure it is securely fastened to the dock before towing the dock.